Wellness Presentations by Dr. Robert Turnquist

Dr. Robert Turnquist

Robert Turnquist, M.D. is an authority on maintaining wellness. He is also, I am proud to say, my brother. Dr. Turnquist maintains a state of the art Family Practice in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has devoted a considerable effort in furthering the field of wellness. The basic concept is to be proactive in one's health, and do the necessary actions to maintain and improve one's health. Contrast this with the commonly used concept of benign neglect, and waiting for illness to strike. Further, at times it is possible to improve one's energy level and resistance to disease.

Dr. Turnquist's presentations are in Powerpoint format. Please click on the following link http://turnquistr.googlespages.com to be redirected to his website.

Thank you, Paul Turnquist, M.D.