Scheduling FAA medical exams

Paul and Bella flying the Bonanza

Welcome to TQ Flight Medicine! Our practice is composed of three senior FAA examiners - myself Paul Turnquist, MD, Thomas Gross, MD, and Joseph Hagan, MD. Tamara Grant-Gero is our office manager. She will help you to schedule exams, and take care of your paperwork and eye exams in our office. You will find her a great source of information and help in maintaining your medical certification. Isabella Turnquist, my wife, also helps on a part-time basis with office clerical work.

New Hampshire state law now requires both office staff and pilots to wear face masks while in the office. Please help us comply with this requirement.

THE DOVER OFFICE IS OPEN, AND WE WILL TAKE CARE OF EVERYONE NEEDING A PHYSICAL. Several good Aviation Medical Examiners, working for organizations, are seeing their practices temporarily closed. We will do our best to accommodate everyone. We are thoroughly sanitizing our office, wearing masks during exams, and thoroughly washing our hands and equipment between exams. We have had no pilot or staff member contact with Covid-19.

Tammy (at Dover 603 749 7979) can schedule your physical. When the office is not open, please leave a message on the phone and expect a call in a day. Alternatively, you may email your scheduling request to Please include your preferred email address and phone number. This sends your request to Tammy, and you can expect her to respond within a day. (Note scheduler@tqflightmedicine is not yet a hyperlink! You will need to type this address into your email program address location.)

Our main office is in Dover, New Hampshire. However, Dr. Turnquist lives in Lincoln, Maine and has received requests from local pilots to conduct flight physicals. To accommodate these pilots, we have opened a small office at the Lincoln Regional Airport (KLRG). The office is open two Saturday morning's a month. You may use the same scheduler@tqflightmedicine email or call our Dover office at 603-749-7979 to schedule your exam there. You may fly your airplane or floatplane directly to this office. KLRG maintains a seaplane base.

Scheduling Calendar for April 2021
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After much thought and consultation, we have decided that for now we will not do Basic Med exams. The concept of Basic Med is good - that a private pilot should be able to have his or her private doctor certify that their patient is safe to fly. Your private doctor is not an FAA medical examiner - when we perform a physical, you are receiving it from a medical examiner, not your private doctor. The exam we do is structured to certify your safety to fly, not to address your long-term medical screening issues. But the FAA states the Basic Med exam is a primary care full medical exam, which addresses long-term health issues. This raises legal issues that are at first not apparent. So until these issues are resolved - we must defer Basic Med exams to your private doctor.

It has been our experience that the requirements for passing a FAA third class private pilot exam are not stringent, and one need not have angst concerning successful completion of these exams. Any medical issues that arise are usually easily handled by our staff and the FAA. One should note that the Basic Med exam will not allow a pilot to fly into Canada, which is constraining for pilots living in New England.

MedXpress is here - it replaces the old paper pilot medical information form. It may be accessed via the internet at It must be used, there are no paper forms available. It should be completed before your exam. Call us if you have any questions. If you make a mistake, we can correct this at your physical.

EKG's are performed by the doctors, during the exam, if one is needed. This provides you a quality control check prior to transmission of the EKG. If you have a special issuance, or are treated for hypertension, please check if you need paperwork from your treating physician prior to presenting for your physical. Most special issuances require a letter from your doctor on a yearly basis.

We are currently credit card enabled. However, please use checks or debit cards for payment if possible. If you have any questions, please call or email us.

Driving directions to the Dover office

Address 1 Webb Place Suite 10, Dover, New Hampshire 03820

We are located on the western side of Dover, about a mile west of Wentworth-Douglas Hospital. The Spaulding Turnpike (Route 16) begins at I95 just south of Portsmouth, NH. It courses north of Durham, and wraps south, then west, of Dover. The office is one block north-east of exit 9 on the Spaulding Turnpike (note: this is exit 9, not route 9, which is exit 8). At the first traffic light, turn right, travel one block, turn right again, and you will see a white two-story building on your right. Continue into the building's parking lot (on the front of the building), and we are located on the second floor on the left side of the building.

Driving directions to the Lincoln Regional Airport office

Address Airport Road, Lincoln, ME 04457 (Forty-five miles north of Bangor!)

Take exit 227 off Interstate 95 and head east towards Lincoln. At the first traffic light, turn left, drive on West Broadway to the next traffic light and turn left(opposite Hannafords). Travel one block only, turn left, drive past the cemetery, to the town Recycling Station. Just before the recycling station gate, turn off onto a gravel road, through a gate, through the woods, to a blue hangar on your right. You have found it! This is Keith Strange's maintenance hangar, the office is attached to the left side (facing the hangar door). If you need aircraft repair, you have just found the floatplane world's finest mechanic.

Thank you! Paul Turnquist, M.D., Thomas Gross, M.D., and Joseph Hagan, M.D.

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